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Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to all our Graduates for 2017! The future is yours, so make the best of it! You live in a time where opportunities are limitless, and you will make the choices that will take you, your family and possibly our country well into the future on a path of greatness!
And now it’s time for GunFighter’s Report Card Rewards too! Whether you are graduating or moving up to the next grade on your path to educational enlightment, you will be rewarded for all your hard work! From now till the end of June, you can receive up to 10% off any one item in the shop with your Report Card!
Here’s how it works- 2% for each “A”, 1% for each “B”, up to a max of 10% off. AND we will add an additional Bonus of 2% for Honor Roll or Dean’s List, bringing it to a total of 12% off any one item in the shop! Limit one Discount per student please.
Congrats again and see you soon!

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