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GunFighter Pro Shop Report Card Rewards!

Hey players! Report Card time is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get rewarded for all your hard work at GunFighter Pro Shop!

Since 2004, GunFighter Paintball and Airsoft Pro Shop has rewarded students for excellent grades because education is your key to future success! And GunFighter Pro Shop wants to motivate you to be successful on and off the playing field!
From March 8th till March 31st, bring in your Report Card and get 2% for each “A” and 1% for each “B”, up to a maximum of 10% off any one item in the shop. This includes everything in the shop- paintball and airsoft guns, googles, air systems, upgrades, loaders, magazines, gear and accessories! And yes, this applies to College Students also!

Need a new air system… max out your discount and save up to $14 on an Empire 68/45 tank! How about a new G&G Raider? You could save up to $18 on one of our combo kits with a smart charger, battery and magazine! Or maybe a new Shocker XLS? Save up to $90 on our regular price for these new performance markers! Bring in your report card and lets see how much you can save! Got a question- post a comment, email or call the shop and we will get you the answers you need! Come in and see what GunFighter Paintball and Airsoft Pro Shop can do for you!

Report Card Rewards

Get your rewards for excellent grades in school at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

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