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MACDEV PRIME Show-off at your GunFighter Paintball Pro Shop!

Come meet James McIntyre of MACDEV and see the new PRIME marker on Saturday, March 24th! Ask questions and play touchy-feely with the latest from MACDEV!


Come see the new PRIME marker at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

Want to play touchy-feely with the latest from the “Players Down Under”? Come out to GunFighter Paintball Pro Shop on Saturday, March 24th, and meet James McIntyre of MACDEV and see the new PRIME marker!

MacDev Prime Black

The MACDEV PRIME marker is built tough and comes with everything you need to WIN!

The MACDEV PRIME features new their generation Militia Soft V4.0+ electronics which are upgradeable via a USB port and operates at only 100psi! The PRIME has Autococker threading and comes with the SHIFT Barrel system with .685 and .693 bore inserts. The trigger in the PRIME is very responsive, and the new Infinity Drive bolt system gives you an extremely smooth shot. The custom built Prime Solenoid is extremely energy efficient and player rebuild-able. And if you have to break-down your PRIME, the wireless frame/body construction makes it a breeze! No more having to worry about plugging in connectors or pinching the harness when reassembling.

The integrated 65K color OLED screen makes it easy to see and change your settings. The electronics in the Prime are built tough too! Rain or Shine, PRIME electronics are built to withstand harsh playing environments! The grips make a tight seal on the frame to help prevent moisture and dirt from doing any damage to the system.

Come ask James all the questions you have about the new PRIME or other MACDEV products! GunFighter Pro Shop will have special in-store deals on PRIME orders too! Here is your chance to meet James and the new PRIME, in person! Come on in to the shop and see what GunFighter has for you!

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