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The new Planet Eclipse CS2 markers have arrived!

The Planet Eclipse CS2 is now available at your GunFighter Paintball Pro Shop!

The CS2, the latest in the GEO series, is now available at your GunFighter Paintball Pro Shop! Come see the new CS2 and check out the performance and styling improvement made to the next generation of the Eclipse GEO! The CS2 features a new battery loading system along with an improved engine- The GP-Core series spool valve!

PLanet Eclipse CS2 arrives!

Your GunFighter Paintball Pro Shop has received their first shipment of the new CS2 from Planet Eclipse!

Seriously Low Pressure Operaton!

The Planet Eclipse CS2 has been trimmed down a little more from the CS1.5 series for lighter weight and easier handling. The CS2 come with the new FL Barrel system from Eclipse with two control bores, .685 & .681, to handle just about any paint at the fields. And the new GP-Core Bolt is based on the industry-leading Gama Core bolt found in the GTeK series from Planet Eclipse. However, the major components of the bolt system have been redesigned and refined to meet the high standards of performance that you have come to expect from Planet Eclipse GEO series guns. The GP-Core is optimized to take advantage of the larger volume of the firing chamber and enabling the operating pressure to be reduced to just 105psi! Combined with the 3rd GEN Soft-Touch bolt means that the GP Core bolt and the CS2 is capable shooting even the most fragile tournament paint and only uses 50% of the air used by the standard Gamma Core bolt system.

Advanced Electronics!

For easy breakdown and maintenance, all of the electronics of the CS2 are contained in the lower frame- everything including noid, main board, eyes, trigger sensors, batteries, OLED… all of it!  The electronics package is the most advanced we at GunFighter Pro Shop have come across in a long time! With all the electronics contained in the lower frame, there are fewer contact or plug points to have to worry about with wear and tear. And the CS2 runs DUAL 16-bit RISC-based microcontrollers. These processors run asynchronously, which allows complete independent operation of the firing cycle and user interface system. The CS also features Bluetooth which will open up a world of communication options with your marker in the future. There is also an E-Portal USB interface right behind the foregrip area, protected by the foregrip itself!

The new CS2 from Planet Eclipse brings a whole new level of performance to the paintball world for both tournament and recreational play! Come see the new Planet Eclipse CS2 at your GunFighter Paintball Pro Shop today! Come on in or give us a call at 985-727-4370 to get yours on order today!


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