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Armorer Works Hi-Capa 1911 Airsoft Pistols in stock!

New Armorer Works Shipment has arrived at your GunFighter Pro Shop

Come check out the latest shipment of Armorer Works Hi-Capa 1911 Airsoft Pistols!

The Armorer Works Hi-Capa 1911 Airsoft Pistols are some of the best made Hi-Capa’s around and are built to perform during those instense airsoft battles! And they are back in stock at your GunFighter Pro Shop! Featuring a 24 round magazine in either CO2 or Green Gas, the Armorer Works Hi-Capa will keep the opposition at bay while you make your next move. Some models feature a split slide, which not only looks cool but also offers a stabilized barrel for more accurate shots! GunFighter also has the IPSC style Competition model instock for those players looking for something really cool as a sidearm.

Armorer Works Airsoft Pistol

The Armorer Works Hi-Capa are built to perform and are an excellent choice for a sidearm for your next airsoft op!

And through our testing, the Armorer Works Hi-Capas has proven to be very gas efficient and truly reliable. Which is what we all really need in our holsters! Ready to do some room clearing… maybe getting into a tight spot where your rifle is just a little too big to manuver and just maybe you ran out of magazines for your main weapon during an intense firefight? With an Armorer Works Hi-Capa as your side arm, you have at least 24 rounds to finish the mission and dispose of the opposition! Draw your side arm, tuck in tight, and round that corner or be the door-kicker that you truly are! With these pistols you have no worries when making those critical moves!

The Armorer Works Hi-Capa Pistols are built with metal slides, precison internals and excellent designs. From a basic Hi-capa style to the IPSC Competition designs, these pistols will not only turn heads… but make the hit too! Come check out the new gear GunFighter Pro Shop has for your next game!

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