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Push Paintball Unite Goggles in stock at GunFighter Pro Shop

The new Push Paintball UNITE Goggles are now available!

Come see the new UNITE Goggles at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

The new Push Paintball UNITE Goggles are available in all colors at your GunFighter Pro Shop and you have got to see these! The Unite goggles are some of the lightest and most comfortable goggles we have seen and worn in a long time. Super soft and comfy foam around the frame make these goggles a pleasure to wear, even in the summer. And the thermal lense will keep you fog free during those intense tournaments and scenario games too.

The Push Paintball Unite goggles are constructed with a soft front for light weight and ball defection. The Unite also features an adjustable nose bridge for customizing the fit of the goggles to your face. The ear protection panels are soft for a comfortable fit and provide good protection from hits. But remember, these are soft constructed goggles for reduced weight and comfort, so you will still feel an impact. By far, these are pro level goggles for you fast movers! The Unite also features a magnetic chin strap for easy buckling. And the adjustable nose bridge also prevents warm air from entering the lense frame from the lower section of the goggles.

Push Unite goggles

The Push Paintball Unite Goggles are perfect for both paintball and airsoft. Very comfy and stylish!

Perfect for Airsoft Too!

The soft construction also makes the Unite goggles perfect for airsoft players what want full face protection! With the Unite goggles, airsoft players can even get on their iron sights with no trouble at all. And when using an optic, these goggles are just what the mission objective needs! The soft front and ear panels collapse right against the airsoft players face when getting a cheek weld on the stock of your rifle. And they provide full front and ear protection from those nasty pew-pew hits!

And the Push Unite Goggles come in a form fitted case to keep these valuable litte gems protected and your lense scratch free! Even the spare lenses come in a special protective case to keep them scratch free!

The Unite is available in a variety of flashy and tactical colors to fit just about every player’s style! From the stylish White Camo, to the Olive Drab, the Unite Goggles will fit any way you play- from tournament to recreational, paintball and airsoft!

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