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Stay Hydrated with Condor!

Stay Cool & Hydrated on the field with a Condor Hydration Pack from GunFighter Paintball and Airsoft Pro Shop!


Whether you play paintball or airsoft, don’t forget to Hydrate! This is especially important before heading out to the field for a day of intense action. Drink plenty of water, and start the day before you go play to make sure your body is fully hydrated.

To keep you cool and hydrated on the field, get one of our Condor Hydration Packs! You will have nice cool water to keep you going! The Condor Hyration Pack can be worn by itself or can be attached to just about any airsoft or paintball Plate Carrier, or Vest with MOLLE webbing.

Condor Hydration Pack

Stay hydrated while playing with the Condor Hydration Pack available at your GunFighter Paintball and Aisoft Pro Shop!

The Condor Hydration Pack will carry enough cold water to help keep you protected from the heat during airsoft and paintball games. This pack includes a 2.5lt bladder, line and on/off bite valve. The backpack straps are removable, so attaching to your MOLLE gear is fast and easy. Or keep the backpack straps on when you want to run a lighter load-out in the heat. We recommend filling your bladder and putting in the fridge the night before, so you will cold water for the mission. Plenty of players also add a ice cubes to the bladder to keep the water cold for most of the day!

The Condor Hydration Pack features a hook & Loop closure at the top to keep the bladder safe and secure. And along with heavy duty MOLLE webbing, you can add accessories to the carrier itself- such as dump, admin or other pouches. The Condor Hydration Pack can be a life saver in the high heat season! Stay thirsty my friend!!

Come on in and see what GunFighter has for your next game!


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