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Empire 68ci 4500psi Basic HPA Tank


Empire 68ci 4500psi HPA Tank with Regulator

Empire 68/45 Compressed Air tank with Reactor 800psi output regulator.  Compatible with most paintball and some airsoft HPA systems. This Empire HPA system will usually provide 1000+ shoots on most paintball guns depending on your program settings, such as dwell, FSDO and other settings that may effect gas efficiency.


Empire 68/45 HPA Fiber-Wrapped Tank

The Empire 68 cubic inch tank is our basic HPA system. The Reactor regulator outputs between 750-850 psi and is perfect for just about every paintball gun or airsoft HPA system. The Empire 68/45 will provide on average 1000+ shoots on most paintball guns (dependent on your settings) and will provide more consistent velocity settings than CO2 systems. Using HPA (also known as compressed air) systems may also extend your oring life on most paintball guns. Do NOT use this tank with Reactor regulator on paintball guns or airsoft HPA remotes that require Low Pressure output tanks.